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"Your No 1 Store for quality new and used Amateur Radio Gear"

Looking to sell? We are looking to buy, tell us what you have and we will happily make you an offer. 

Come and visit us in Plymouth and lets see what you have, cash paid same day. 

Hello and welcome to our website, my name is Lawrie and i am the owner of the CQ Shop.

We buy in radio and hobby related products from all across the World, in bulk mostly which means we can offer you the goods as cheaply as possible.

Covid 19 has not affected our current stock as we have plenty of it, although future stock is likely to change in price which is the way things have become because of the Global Pandemic.

Plymouth is where we are based, local collecftion and delivery is available although social distancing rules do apply.

If you are on Facebook you might like to follow us and what we offer, you can do this by clicking here. Additionally we are also active on Instagram too.

If you have any items you no longer require that you would like us to sell for you based on a commission please be sure to contact us.

Gumtree, yes that is us, in addition to our website we also advertise goods for sale on Gumtree and eBay.

Did you know, we have built this website ourselves and we are happy to offer similar to you too, please contact us for more details.

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Genuine UK Stock

All of our stock is in the UK, as soon as an item runs low on stock we order more.

Local Delivery

We are in Plymouth and offer super fast local delivery for just £3. (Social distancing rules apply).

Our Prices Are Low

Professional and superb quality amateur radio equipment imported from all over the World.

Looking to sell? We're looking to buy or sell for you.

Local Radio Frequencies and Channels

These are the radio frquencies and channels for the Plymouth area of the UK.

Marine Band

  • Longroom Port Control: 14
  • Flag: 14
  • Falmouth Coastguard: 16

Amateur Radio

  • 2m Locals Net: 145.350
  • 2m Calling: 145.500
  • GB3JL Repeater: 145.7875
  • GB3PL Repeater: 145.7625

Everything Else

  • CB Radio Channel: 14 (27/81)
  • PMR446: All Channels 1-8