No External Antennas Up Yet! - We have lights tho!.
Lawrie Richardson

Lawrie Richardson

Shop Owner and Licenced Radio Amateur

No External Antennas Up Yet! – We have lights tho!.

Slacking I know, its not the easiest location to put up antennas, especially since the ham radio shack the complete opposite side of the flat, also its very high up here and while there is no worry of flooding at this location, it does get very cold and extremely windy even on the nicest of sunny days.

Still all is not lost, I have a few secrets lined up, antenna wise that is.

Ive a couple of Magnetic Loop antennas, one base and that tunes 10-20m, the other portable but tunes 10-40m, additionally I managed to pick up a Miracle Whip Antenna (Super rare now the maker is SK) an antenna thats far more superior to the clones that have been created in more recent years.

Moving on, and no more talk about antennas and radio tonight.

I wanted to share with you the work from my XYL – Hannah, she has been busy making the flat look all nice and cosey on the inside, but now shes working on the outside too, she has bought some all weather lights and our first home looks even more cosier than ever before, certainly more than I could have ever imagined. Knowing Hannah tho, these lights will now be a permanent feature, ie 24/7 all year around, and why not? they are lovely.

Thanks babe x


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