USDX HF Transceiver Handheld


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USDX HF Transceiver Handheld

Brand new - USDX HF Transceiver Handheld

0 - 30MHz

Frequency Range:

Receiving: 0.5MHz ~ 30MHz (theoretically it can reach the limit of SI5351)

Transmit: 1.8~30MHz

Working mode: CW, AM, SSB

Minimum step: 10Hz

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Operating temperature range: 0℃~+50℃

Power supply voltage: 10.5 ~ 16V DC, the negative pole is grounded

Current consumption:

Receive: 100mA@Max

Launch: 1A@Max

Body size: 50*20*80mm (W*H*L) (excluding protrusions)

Weight: about 200g (main unit only)


RF output power: 0.1-5W (SSB/CW)

0.1-5W(AM carrier) @13.8VDC


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