If you are looking online for a used CB Radio, you will find many dishonest sellers selling off their old radios as CB Radios, lets just be clear they are not, they are lying to you.

Cobra, Midland, Kernow, Anysecu, Uniden etc these are all CB Radio makes, in the UK a CB Radio works on the 27MHz band and older radios will display a small logo the the front that reads (27 / 81).

Tait, Pye, Motorola etc are all ex Police / PMR Radio gear that if still works will require programming and a suitable licence, even then these older non cb radio branded radios might still be no good to use.

Just be cautions when browing the secondhand sites and this is also true for secondhand shops, car boot sales etc too.

If you like, we are more than happy to check any items for you, simply use this contact form and we will give you our honest opinion.