In today’s post I am generally informing you of the various types of radio communications that are active in Plymouth Devon.

Remember if you do have a receiver of any kind, you are only allowed to listein to frequencies that you have permission to listein to and the golden rule is to never act upon anything you might hear over the radio.

There is more than one type of radio system being used in Plymouth

As you can imagine Plymouth is on the Coast and is also the home to many sailors and military personnel, so on the water you will see in use VHF Marine radios, including ships, persons using handhelds, coastal stations and more. A VHF Marine band radio is a must for anyone on the open sea it allows you to communicate with others and also in the event of an accident you can call upon the Coastguard etc, all coastal stations actively monitor VHF Channel 16 (156.800) and a lot of boats will have dual watch on monitoring a working channel and also VHF 16 which is a must in case your signal cannot reach the nearest coastguard station.

Citizen band radio

There are a few CB – Citizen Band operators here in Plymouth, some taxis have their 27Mhz whips on them, I dont think they use them much tho, back a few years a go there was some locals that used Channel 14 (27/81). But since then its gone pretty quiet.

Amateur radio (Ham)

The ham radio bands on VHF and UHF (2m 70cms) has some activity, not a aweful amount tho, certainly since the GB3WD repeater was removed from the City centre and is now located on a farm near Ivybridge, a good 15 miles the other side of Plymouth although I have been told that the range has been improved. Sometimes you might hear some activity on the 2m calling channel: 145.500 fm.

Licence Free and everything else

Except from all this there are some users using PMR446 including some shops and one motorbike cbt training centre uses pmr446 still. of course the emergence services use mostly Tetra which cannot be picked up this includes Police, Ambulance etc, I dont know what the Military use although there are plenty of microwave antennas dotted around the City.

What about airband?

The airport has been closed for many years so there is hardly anything locally on the airband frequencies.

If you know of anything I have missed in todays post, kindly comment below.